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Insight & Design


Our clients come to us via word of mouth for good reason - we have 24 years of understanding and designing Smarter Packaging.  As a full service packaging company, we begin our custom projects with a careful look at your menu or product offering. We then apply our findings to create a custom packaging solution.

With the help of CMI, our packaging and distribution costs dropped 18%.

- Steve Erickson, President of PDQ Restaurants

Cardboard Sheets

Insight into Your Food Packaging Usage, Materials, Speed and Waste

The first step in designing a packaging solution that reduces food waste, cuts packaging costs and uniquely promotes your brand - is to take a comprehensive look at your packaging requirements. This analysis involves examination of your:

  • Usage

  • Materials

  • Filling speed

  • Waste


No-Cost Custom Packaging Design Services

With the findings from the Insight process in hand, our expert design team develops no-cost to you custom packaging designs that are the perfect balance of:

  • Form & Function

  • Reducing packaging waste

  • Decreasing food waste

  • Incorporating recycled or recyclable materials 

  • Adhering to budget

  • Uniquely promoting your brand

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