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Mr. Beast, Nascar Refuel, Foodgod, Larray's Loaded Mac and Mariah's Cookies are just some of the virtual brands that trust CMI because they know we deliver true innovation in packaging.  We help integrate e-commerce solutions to aid in the ordering process. CMI has adapted to the rise of on-line restaurant delivery services (UberEats, DoorDash, etc.) and has provided solutions to the companies using these services. 

Virtual Dining

As technology and innovation expands and grows, CMI plans to grow with it. Virtual Brands are the future on the restaurant industry, we want you to stay ahead of the game.


Virtual Brands


CMI Packaging works hand in hand with these brands through the entire process to launch. From concept and creation to online e-commerce integration, we make sure all aspects are addressed and executed effectively. Post launch, we maintain the relationship with the client by maintaining the ordering site and offering pick and pack fulfillment


We offer a
Full Service, Branded, Customizable Product Ordering App
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