Service Delivery Model

We have a great service delivery team but we also have a great service delivery model supported by our process framework and automated workflow engine.  CMI takes advantage of the latest technologies to maximize speed, accuracy, performance, through our people, process and state-of-the-art technology.  Our service delivery workflow consists of five major processes supported by numerous data bases and sources of information.

Step 1: Processing of Requests

Step 2: Sourcing of Candidates

Step 3: Candidate Qualification

Step 4: Candidate Presentation

Step 5: Candidate Onboarding


Processing of Requests

Our service delivery workflow starts with the Processing of Requests.  Our system tracks all of your critical information.  We take the time to understand your business needs and your culture.  We also track and store Market Intelligence such as specific talent trends, industry trends, economic trends and local market data to keep us current on the marketplace and available talent. 

Our service delivery workflow has an automated interface to the Leading VMS Systems including: Fieldglass, Beeline, IQNavigator, Procurestaff, Peoplefluent, Provade, eTemp and others.  Once we are in receipt of your request it is automatically entered into our systems and processed through our automated workflow engine. 

We have integration for Market Intelligence to Hoovers, LinkedIn and as well as integration with our Email System to support the automated capture of client information including important interactions, agreements and contracts.

Sourcing Candidates

The next step is to Source Candidates that meet your requirements.  This begins with the identification of candidates including:

  • Leveraging our talent data base where we actively manage over 3 million resumes of potential candidates.
  • The automated posting to our Social Media networks and traditional job boards as well as networking and referrals from other professionals.
  • Automated email campaigns for candidate searches. 

Our service deliver workflow also supports the automated distribution of requirements to our sales and recruiting teams, automated handoffs across the CMI team and automated tracking of all activity.

Candidate Qualification

All our candidates are then screened through a rigorous Qualification Process.  We want to ensure that our candidates are a great fit for you.  To help with that we provide as much information as possible for you to make a decision including availability, desired compensation, willingness to travel, management experience, etc.  Before we submit a candidate we conduct an interview, conduct a technical evaluation and contact at least 2 references with previous supervisors.

During the qualification process our service deliver workflow supports the automated intake or candidate resumes, automated tracking of candidate information and their status and the automated handoff of qualified candidates.

Candidate Presentation

Once we qualify a candidate we will present them to you for consideration.  We will work with you to coordinate a phone interview, face-to-face interview or both.  Our service deliver workflow stores interview results, technical screening and testing results and information from reference checks.

All of the candidate’s information will be provided prior to the interview.  If a candidate is selected, we will manage the offer and conduct additional checks as required.  Our service deliver workflow tracks the results from background checks, credit checks and other checks.  It also tracks our employment agreements and information for payroll such as benefits, payroll deductions and other important information.

Candidate Onboarding

Once a candidate is accepted we will schedule a start date and work with your team to onboard the candidate.  This includes registering the candidate with security, badging, obtaining equipment, introducing them and supporting any orientation that is necessary.  Once a candidate becomes part of your team we stay in constant contact with you and the candidate through our Performance Management process to ensure your continued satisfaction and performance of the candidate.  

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