CMI Staffing™ VMS/MSP

CMI Staffing’s Recruiting Center

Using CMI Staffing™ as your Managed Service Provider (MSP) gives you a single point-of-contact and accountability for you, your suppliers, internal staff, and consultants to manage the application of staffing and resources to meet your organizational needs.Each MSP program is specifically designed to accommodate the clients’preferred method of doing business. We offer vendor selection and management, contractor relations, candidate recruiting, and full support for hiring managers which includes quality control and activity reporting.

For companies using a Vendor Management System (VMS),CMI Staffing™ takes advantage of the latest technologies to maximize speed, accuracy, performance, through people, process and state of the art technology.  Our goal is to provide you, our client with a proactive, transparent process that will result in the hiring of the best candidates. CMI Staffing™ will deliver in a fast paced environment by automating manual tasks and leveraging state-of-the art Maxhire recruitment software.  When you combine these two key elements our customers reap the rewards of a winning combination! CMI understands the needs of the lifecycle of the VMS. We are here for you each step of the wayto discover the perfect fit.

For more information regarding our MSP/VMSprograms please contact us.