JumpStart Program

CMI is prepared to immediately implement a Contingency Workforce Program (CWP) to support your specific needs using our JumpStart Program.

Assigned Account Manager – CMI has an existing Account Manager team ready to provide direct support for your CWP.  We will immediately assign a specific Account Manager that will be responsible for interactions with company regarding your staffing needs.  The Account Manager will serve as the face of CMI, responsible for ongoing client relationship management with you.  The Account Manager will also provide strategic management oversight to you in delivering your CWP.

Automated Workflows – CMI will register you within CMI’s internal Enterprise Contingent Workforce Management Solution (EWCS).  This automated workflow supports background checks, credits checks, time reporting, tracking and management of our staff supporting you as well as the management of invoicing and billing. 

VMS Support – CMI is currently a supplier to numerous other clients that utilize Vendor Management Systems (VMS) and require the interaction with those systems for the management of fulfilling their contingent workforce requirements. CMI is prepared as required to adopt the use of a similar system for you.

24 x 7 Recruiting Support – CMI’s Dedicated Delivery Team (onshore and offshore 24 x 7 recruiting operation) is in place and ready to support you.  We are ready for the expansion that is necessary to accommodate an increase in the volume of contingent workforce fulfillment requests.  Our Global Director of Sales will support the management and alignment of our Dedicated Delivery Team to ensure the success of your Contingent Workforce Program.

Program Management Support – CMI’s Program Management Office is prepared to support the necessary PMO requirements for your Contingent Workforce Program.  We will leverage our existing management systems, metrics, dashboards and Management Business Reviews (MBRs) to support your program.  The Program Manager will provide centralized planning and control over your Contingent Workforce Program.  The Program Manager will have overall responsibility for the PMO and will ensure the highest quality of support for your Contingent Workforce Program.