Customer Service & Quality Assurance

A key to the success of our services is establishing a strong relationship with our clients.  That usually starts with developing the necessary contacts with the organizations and staff that are integral to the successful implementation of a contingent workforce program including the Human Resource organization, the hiring managers and your executive team.

CMI’s Account Team provides a multi-faceted approach to supporting those relationships to ensure the highest level of quality implementing our services and supporting your ongoing needs.  This team starts with our Account Manager who will provide the overreaching support for your entire program and who be the primary point of contact from CMI. 

CMI’s Program Manager will ensure that our services continue to provide the level of quality expected and will support all Program metrics and reports, business reviews and escalation management. 

We will also establish a strategic connection between your executive team and ours ensuring that CMI understands the key business drivers for your company and delivers the type of service needed to support your initiatives.

Supporting our Account Team is our Operational Support Team including our onshore and offshore recruiting team, our Human Resource staff and our Operations team supporting all of our back office operations.

Our team stays in constant contact with you and the candidate through our Performance Management process to ensure your continued satisfaction and performance of the candidate.  Our Program Management Office will manage all metrics and reporting for the program, conduct regular business reviews and provide a path for escalation management.

CMI utilizes a number of key metrics that support a highly effective contingent workforce program.  CMI’s PMO will review our CWP and these metrics on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis with your Executive Management team to ensure adherence to the CWP performance objectives. 

Key Service Metrics


  • Percent of Requisitions Submitted Against – the number of requisitions responded to by the vendor as a percentage of the number of requisitions they received. 
  • Average Days to Respond with First Candidate – the number of days between vendor receipt of the requisition and submittal of their first candidate.

Candidate Quality

  • Number of Candidates Submittals to Assignments – ratio of the number of candidates submitted to a requisition and the number of those candidates selected for assignment to Work Order. 
  • Number of Candidate Submittals to Shortlisted Candidates – ratio of candidates shortlisted compared to the number of submittals
  • Average Days to Respond with Assigned Candidate – the number of days between vendor receipt of the requisition and submittal of the candidate selected for assignment

Worker Quality

  • Turnover – a percentage of the number of worker assignments ended due to negative causes before planned end date divided by the total number assignments for the measurement period.
  • Initial Match – a percentage of workers terminated within the first 40 hours of the assignment divided by the total assignment starts for the measurement period.  The Hiring Manager determined they did not possess the required skills or behaviors necessary to complete the assignment.


  • Candidate On Boarding – percentage of contractor starts that meet on-boarding compliance requirements. 
  • Candidates Assigned at or Below the Target Bill Rate – percentage of Contractors assigned to a Work Order at or below the final target bill rate divided by all starts for the measurement period.
  • Candidates Submitted at or Below the Target Bill Rate – percentage of Candidates submitted at or below the target bill rate divided by all submittals for the measurement period.

On Time to Request– a percentage of Worker Assignments started on-time based on the hiring manager requested start date compared to total starts for the measurement period.