24/7 IT Law Firm Support

As an attorney, you know that a 24/7 world requires 24/7 professionals.  Clients, colleagues and courts all demand prompt responses and quality solutions at the speed of light.   In the face of competing demands, you make the sacrifices necessary to be ever-present, for everyone.  But even attorneys are subject to Murphy’s Law.  When – not if – your computer systems and networks fail or become inefficient, it can cost you time, money, a case – even a client.  That is why now, more than ever, you need to partner with trusted IT consultants that that will be ever-present for you.

That’s where we come in. We are Configuration Management, Inc., (CMI), and we have been servicing and supporting computer systems, networks, mobile systems, hardware and software for law offices like yours in New Jersey and New York for over a decade. We are attentive, efficient and do only that which is necessary to support your Information Technology (IT) investment.

CMI delivers fast, reliable service with flexible billing arrangements to ensure your Information Technology investments are running smoothly, 24/7.  We offer a broad range of both common and specialized IT solutions, such as:

  • IT Troubleshooting
  • Network Management & Support
  • Server Specification, System Backups, Installation and Management – Windows, Linux
  • Internet connectivity, remote, mobile, and security solutions and systems integration
  • E-mail systems design & support – Microsoft Exchange, Kerio Connect
  • Microsoft Office 365, Azure, SQL, and WEB support
  • Applications for Specific Business Needs for the Legal Industry
  • End-user & Help Desk support
  • Knowledge support for your existing IT team or office computer expert

As we would advise any of our clients, we strongly recommend that you “try, before you buy.” To help, we are currently offering a COMPLIMENTARY IT Health Assessment to all new clients who contact us within the next 10 days.   Let CMI identify and eliminate potential problems before they strike your IT investment.  Our IT Health Assessments include a free diagnostic, along with a written report that details your current risk profile and proposes real solutions.

To start a relationship, and to take advantage of your Complimentary IT Health Assessment today, please call 732-450-0657, or email our IT Director, Paul Rinear, directly at p.rinear@cmi.com.

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