Configuration Management Issues:

Learn about the contemporary issues facing enterprises with Configuration Management® and their ability to effectively manage change.

In this podcast series we will examine some of the most significant challenges facing firms as they try to develop software faster, cheaper, and with higher quality.

Today, multiple globally dispersed teams developing software concurrently is the norm and sophisticated configuration management and version control is essential to ensuring the expeditious delivery of high quality software in the most cost effective manner.

Configuration Management® solutions help organizations improve the efficiency and quality of software delivery throughout a project’s lifecycle by ensuring the integrity and control of approved software changes through the use of standardized, best-in-class configuration management tools, processes and procedures

Configuration Management® issues host is John Falzon, an executive with 28 years of experience in the Information Technology Industry and currently Senior Vice President and COO at Configuration Management Inc. or CMI as they are more commonly know in the industry.
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