Environment Management & Operational Support

CMI’s Environment Management service is responsible for managing software applications and servers in support of the customer’s application development and testing lifecycle.

The Environment Management service provides IT systems support that includes activities such as installation, configuration, monitoring, troubleshooting, and repairing.

This service also includes performance of quality assurance processes to effectively manage system availability and improve operations.

Our services includes high-level support of applications such as administration, server builds and upgrades, domain configuration, and performance and tuning.

  • Software Installation Services
    Provides the installation and upgrade (updates or patches) of third party and/or commercial software.  We also support the installation of new application versions and releases.
  • Software License and Certificate Administration
    Provides consultation, procurement, installation of software licenses, and procurement or generation and installation of certificates.
  • Software Configuration Services
    Provides performance tuning of application infrastructures, implementation of application configuration changes, construction and configuration of server environments (e.g. Web Server, Application Server, Wintel), and support of application infrastructure re-builds.
  • Operational Support Services
    Provides server restarts and creation of control jobs for server restarts during maintenance, system monitoring of application infrastructures, troubleshooting application infrastructures, and environment administration.
  • Environment Management Administration Support
    Provides triage and administration of environment changes with environment stakeholders, environment training for customers, and daily management of the support team(s).
  • Environment Monitoring and Automation Support
    Provides portal monitoring and administration activities of maintenance and management, notification system management, customer self-service research/development/administration, and server and audit log viewer maintenance and management.  This service is also available to provide software release/install development and automation.

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