CMI Supports Configuration of Rational at NASA

CMI Supports the Configuration of Rational ClearCase MultiSite at NASA Johnson Space Center

Matawan, NJ – October 1, 2009 - Effective October 1, 2009, Configuration Management, Inc. completed the technical consulting for the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas on the installation, configuration and support of Rational ClearCase Multisite software. Rational ClearCase MultiSite extends software Configuration Management® across geographically distributed projects through repository replication and synchronization and provides the following capabilities: - Automatic replication and synchronization of Rational ClearCase repositories enables access to current information, from in any site and in any direction. - Enables collaboration across distributed development teams. - Extends development scalability - scales to support thousands of users, working in dozens of sites. - Supports disaster recovery, enabling file retrieval from replicated sites. - Includes web-based monitoring capabilities to statistics on Rational ClearCase servers and OS messages, enabling administrators to easily view status of their entire world-wide deployment from any web browser. - Maintains data integrity by resending information in the event of network failure and automatic recovery of repositories in the event of system failure.