You won't want to miss this free event! CMI sponsors ALM Expo 2010

CMI is a Silver Sponsor of CM Crossroad's ALM Expo 2010

Matawan, NJ – October 26, 2010 - Vasantha Madasu, Chief Executive Officer and John Falzon, Chief Operating Officer, announced today that Configuration Management, Inc. (CMI) will be a Silver Sponsor of CMCrossroad's ALM Expo 2010 , online everywhere Oct 26-28, 2010, beginning 12 pm EST. At this year's online conference you'll learn about some of the hottest topics in application development and how they can affect you and your organization, including: Agile in the mainstream, Build, release and deployment, Development in the Cloud and what problems DevOps can solve. You won't want to miss this event, please register at

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) is one of the hottest areas in software development. Yet, what does ALM really consist of and how do you best apply and implement ALM within your organization? Day 1 of the ALM Expo will examine the fundamental components of ALM and some of the best practices, tools and strategies that are being utilized in leading ALM environments. The day will kick off with a keynote panel discussion with industry experts discussing ALM fundamentals and implementation best practices. The keynote will then be followed by additional presentations on ALM concepts that will spotlight ALM release management fundamentals, ALM process automation, ALM planning and much more. Day 2 of the ALM Expo, "Agile Goes Mainstream", will take a look at how Agile has moved to become the keystone in the foundation of any successful organization. We'll discuss how Agile fails and how it is most successful and hear from some of the people who've done it right. Day 3 , "Cloud Driven Development", the final day of ALM Expo brings us to discuss some of the new and upcoming challenges and opportunities for application development and configuration. We''ll address what cloud computing means to application development. What are the challenges faced by development organizations and how DevOps can help. We'll look into what benefits are provided through the use of Cloud resources across the application lifecycle.

Join the thousands of others who have already been part of ALM Expo and see what an online conference can offer you. It's all happening on October 26th, 27th, and 28th, 2010 right on your desktop. All you need is Internet access and your regular Web browser. No special software required.

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