“Thought Leadership”

In 1979 our founder, William P. Anderson Sr. was a Software Engineer at AT&T’s famed Bell Laboratories. He was responsible for the early efforts of managing Source Code using first generation tools like the Source Code Control System (SCCS), and version lists of source files fed into shell scripts to extract and build source code using Makefiles.

He will tell you today that a lot has changed with the introduction of advanced tools and the open source revolution. But also, a lot remains very similar too.

“Configuration Management”

In 1992 he formed Configuration Management, Inc. (CMI) and since then has been committed to services that support the software development and application deployment for the best companies in the world.

“DevOps Culture”

Over the years as techniques have evolved, so have our support services. The days of old waterfall systems are mostly gone, and today DevOps environments are the norm. CMI has been with our customers all the way, and we will be there with them as techniques continue to mature and evolve.

We tailor our support to your needs; such as providing leadership to your executives about current trends, or supplying technical resources to work under your direction, to providing support for your entire Hardware and Software Development operations. CMI resources are available to assist in your transformation to DevOps.


CMI is especially known for its DevOps expertise.

CMI’s DevOps Consulting Services are simply unmatched and enable rapid on-boarding of applications by automating end-to-end delivery pipelines and facilitate continuous integration and development across leading cloud platforms.

Interact with expert professionals who act as if they are an extension of your internal team.

Evolve your critical IT initiatives, including: design, development, systems integration, testing and operational support of your application development platforms and systems.


Gain a comprehensive understanding of what DevOps means for your company, where you stand today, where you’re headed and, most importantly, develop a plan to get there.

CMI will focus on control requirements, technical issues and business risks. Collaboratively these activities culminate into Findings and Recommendations which describe the gaps between what the organization is doing today (“As-Is”) and recommendations (“To-Be”) for getting them to industry-best practices, whether phased, incremental, or a full DevOps transformation.

“Workflow Design and Implementation”

Accelerate your performance by defining and implementing automated workflows for your software development life cycle. You’ll experience productivity gains and benefit from advanced metrics and reporting and detailed audit trails and intuitive user interfaces that are easily customized for real-time Agile development.

Address the definition, delegation, distribution and automation of your tasks and make your work more visible, searchable and accountable.

“Tool Selection and Implementation”

We prevent risky deployment and increase productivity using our robust ecosystem of open source & licensed tools.

You’ll be empowered with unbiased, tool-agnostic comparisons and recommendations that you’ll need for tool selection as well as a plan for seamless, non-intrusive tool implementation—complete with time estimates, architecture, training documentation, automation and integration.


Increase the effectiveness and speed of your development by automating your critical Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) activities.

With help from knowledgeable experts and through the use of automation we help you achieve faster time to market, with reduced risks.

“Managed Services”

CMI can deliver managed, low-risk and efficient outsourced solutions that help you to manage the health of your continuous delivery pipeline. We take care of release management, continuous deployment, replica environment, new server setup, change management and performance optimization on an ongoing basis.


We’ve intentionally developed our website to allow our future customers to collect as much data about our services and pricing structure without ever having to talk to a salesperson. Our goal is to let you decide if you’re interested before ever having to talk with a CMI associate.

Once you’ve decided you’d like to consider CMI, click “How Do We Start” .

Once we have your input, CMI will get back to you that day to schedule a conference call, Skype call, or site visit with either a CMI technical resource or an Engagement Manager to help us to understand your needs.

We will take all of your needs into consideration and deliver a proposal within 24 hours of our call or visit. The proposal will include the bio of every person assigned to your project.


AWS / DevOps Engineering Associates

CMI associates are expert DevOps professionals using the latest tools and technologies. These resources will support environments hosted within internal data centers and in the cloud, implementing solutions to provide  provisioning,  managing environments, performing software development builds / automated testing, and monitoring existing infrastructure.  CMI resources support both transforming legacy applications to a DevOps environment or facilitating the development of applications within a DevOps environment.

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Our customers - Pfizer Our customers - Pitney Bowes Our customers - PNC Bank
Our customers - Raydon Our customers - Sonus Networks Our customers - Sony
Our customers - UBS Our customers - Vidyo Our customers - Vonage


DevOps Tool chain

Bamboo / Atlassian
GIT (GitLab, GitHub)
IBM (Rational Team Concert, ClearCase, ClearQuest)
New Relic

and other commercial / open source tools
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